Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice AIR TREATMENT Modular FRL Series Airplus Regulators (R - RM - RW - RP - RZ) Diaphragm pressure regulator with relieving Available in 4 sizes with flow rates up to 8000 Nl/min and connections from 1/8” to 1” Low histeresis rolling diaphragm and balanced spool Available in four pressure ranges up to 12 bar Fitted with panel mounting locking ring Available with pressure gauge or digital pressure switch integrated Atex certification (II 2GD or II 3GD) Inlet pressures up to 20 bar 1 2 Technical characteristics Size Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Body and connections type Technopolymer body, integrated technopolymer connections (T version) Technopolymer body, metal connections (N version) / / / Aluminium body, integrated aluminium connections (P - L versions) IN / OUT connections T version G1/4” G3/8” G1/2” not available N version G1/8” - G1/4” - 1/4” NPT G3/8” - G1/4” - 3/8” NPT G3/8” - G1/2” - 1/2” NPT P and L version not available G3/8” - 1/4” NPT G1/2” - 1/2” NPT G1” - 1” NPT Assembly configuration Stand alone Panel mounting With fixing bracket / Panel mounted Assembly positions Indifferent Pressure range 0-2 bar 0-4 bar 0-8 bar 0-12 bar (P2 max 10 Bar in case of digital pressure switch selection) Regulation Manul push and lock with pressure Manual lockable with accessories Pressure measurement G1/8” - 1/8” NPT pressure gauge connection port (only for versions with IN / OUT NPT connections) Integrated pressure gauge (optional) Digital pressure switch (optional) Max. fittings torque IN / OUT connections G1/8” metal: 15Nm G1/4” metal: 20Nm G1/4” technopolymer: 9Nm G1/4” metal: 20Nm G3/8” metal: 25Nm G3/8” technopolymer: 16Nm G3/8” metal: 25Nm G1/2” metal: 30Nm G1/2” technopolymer: 22Nm G1”metal: 35Nm Max.fitting torque pressure gauge connection port G1/8” technopolymer: 4Nm G1/8” metal: 15Nm Operational characteristics Size Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Maximum working pressure 13 bar 20 bar (only for P - L versions) Minimum working pressure 0,5 bar Working temperature -5°C +50°C -30°C +80°C (only for P version) -40°C +80°C (only for L version) Working temperature with digital pressure switch 0°C +50°C Note For installations where a more accurate and constant pressure is required, the unit should be installed as close as possible to the point of use. 33