Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice AIR TREATMENT Modular FRL Series Airplus Oil removal filters (DBV - DCV - DAV) Oil removal filter with coalescing filter element Available in 2 sizes with connections from 3/8” to 1” Particle removal up to 0,01 µm Oil residual 0,01 ppm Cartridge clogging level display: - green color - ok - red color - warning (Δp>0,5 bar) Bowl assembly via bayonet type quick coupling mechanism with safety button Automatic drain mounted as standard Atex certification (II 2GD or II 3GD) Technical characteristics Size Size 3 Size 4 Body and connections type Technopolymer body, integrated technopolymer connections (T version) Technopolymer body, metal connections (N version) Aluminium body, integrated aluminium connections (P version) Protection and bowl type Technopolymer protection - PC bowl Technopolymer protection - PA bowl Metal protection - PC bowl Metal protection - PA bowl Metal bowl (blind metal bowl) IN / OUT connections T version G1/2” not available N version G3/8” - G1/2” - 1/2” NPT P version G1/2” G1” Assembly configuration Stand alone Panel mounted Assembly positions Vertical ±5° Filter pore size Particle removal up to 0,01 µm Oil residual 0,01 ppm Bowl capacity 30 cm 3 90 cm 3 Condensation drain Automatic Max. fittings torque IN / OUT connections G3/8” metal: 25Nm G1/2” metal: 30Nm G1/2” technopolymer: 22Nm G1”metal: 35Nm Operational characteristics Size Size 3 Size 4 Condensation drain Automatic Maximum working pressure 10 bar Minimum working pressure 0,5 bar Working temperature -5°C +50°C 1 2 Note In order to ensure the high level of filtration, it is recommended that a 5µ filter is installed before the coalescing filter. In order to ensure that any fluid dischar- ged by the auto drain assembly is adequately drained away, it is recommen- ded you use a 6mm fitting and tube. 15