5 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Double rack rotary actuators with turn table Ordering codes, technical data 10 (piston ø15) 30 (piston ø20) 50 (piston ø25) 100 (piston ø32) 200 (piston ø40) A = Standard R = Cushioning (Shock absorber) 6400. _ . _ Body Cover plate/End plate Piston seal Pinion Rack Turn table Cushioning anodised aluminium anodised aluminium NBR rubber steel steel anodised aluminium elastic bumper (hydraulic damper available on request) Construction characteristics Technical characteristics Ordering code Fluid Max. pressure Working temperature filtered and preferably lubricated air or not (If lubricated the lubrication must be continuous) (for type 100 and 200, 6 bar) 10 bar -5°C - +70°C Series 6400 Rotation angle range 0 - 190° Max. rotation Rotation speed 190° s/90° (see rotation time table) 5.50