5 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. General Pneumatic grippers from the 6300 series are typically used in complex systems such as assembly machines, robots, manipulators etc. This series covers the wide range requirements of this sector, allowing a variety of applications. The range includes grippers equipped with holding fingers operating from -10° to +30° degrees, with 180° degree opening, or a parallel guided gripper with great rigidity throughout the stroke. The parallel grippers cater for larger openings (three different strokes for each diameter) with synchronised operation via a pinion-rack system with high strength thanks to a double piston mechanism. For the typical application of supplying a piece upon to a machine tool, make provision for an automatic three-pronged movement carried along by a wedge mechanism, containing the elevated force dimensions. The holding fingers can have a tolerance reference as a precise fixing device for the catching mechanism. Every type of “hand” offers different functional levels of performance at varying diameters and lengths, secondary to the application by the “fingers”. Pneumatic grippers Series 6300 5.29