5 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Twin-rod slide units General TWIN-RODSLIDEUNITS SERIES 6200 AND 6210 The 6200 series twin-rod linear guide units are wide cylinders used in manipulation applications and are characterised by their high force output thanks to their double piston design. Bores range from 10mm to 32mm diameter, with sintered bronze bearings for standard applications and linear ball bearings for more rugged applications. One major characteristic of these cylinders is the precision of their anti-rotational design, with the possibility of regulating the stroke to within 0.5mm. When using magnetic sensors, the 1580 series sensor sits entirely within the extrusion, resulting in a smooth profile. The liner guided units range includes , alongside the conventional two rod version with flange series 6200 , also the through rod version with twin flanges series 6210 Thanks to the twin-rod, double yoke design of the 6210 series it is possible to either fix the body and use the ends of the rods, or alternatively to fix the rod ends and use the body as the moving part. The cylinder can be piped through the body or through the rods depending on the application. Stroke limiting screws are fitted at either end of the stroke. The substitution of these screws with shock absorbers makes it possible to use the cylinder on higher velocity applications (up to 500mm/sec.) Slots are provided along the edge of these units to accommodate 1580 seriesminiature sensors. Series 6200 5.17