5 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Series 6100 X Detail "T" ØKA ( H7 ) TD TC TE TA TB W (n.4 depth of thread WL) ØKA ( H7 ) (depth KD) Detail X V + Stroke* FB Q V1 V2 K ±0.02 K KB KC KD F (n° 2 connections) FC ("T" slot for hexagon pin) B D ZS (n°4 depth of thread ZL) ØKA ( H7 ) (depth KD) T E K ±0.02 C A X X Ø DS HA Ø DA Q V1 PA DP FA FP SA L + Stroke* L1 + Stroke* LT + Stroke* F (n° 2 connections) G P ØUB (n° 4 counter bore depth UL) ØUA (n° 4 through holes) ZS (n° 4 threads through) ØKA ( H7 ) (depth KD) K H K ±0.02 N M *Dimensions only refer to the "standard stroke" Guided compact cylinder Overall dimensions Sensor slot detail type “B” Ø20 - Ø63 3.3 6.6 5.2 Ø12 - Ø16 Sensor slot detail type “D” 4 4.5 3.5 5.6