5 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Top mounting Sensor slot Sensor slot “T” slot bottom mounting Top Porting Side porting Bottom mounting Side mounting Series 6100 Guided compact cylinder General These guided compact cylinders, characterised by reduced overall dimensions, can be used for the compression, conveyance and manipulation of objects in many industrial sectors; similarly they can also be used in pushing, lifting and stopping applications. These cylinders are available in sizes 32mm to 63mmdiameter, and comprise a single compact cylinder with integral guide rods, making it a true guide cylinder designedwith installation flexibility and space saving inmind. The rod guide is available in two styles: Self-lubricating bronze bushes - useful for absorbing lateral loads and forces, especially as a stopper. Bearing bushes - guaranteeing high precision and uniform movement with low friction characteristics, useful with mis- aligned loads. Guided compact cylinders are ideal for use in applications requiring a combination of reduced dimensions and anti-rotation features. Mounting can be achieved on three sides through holes or “T” slots. Adjustable mounting holes in the front plate ensure safe and accurate assembly. Pneumatic connections can be made to either lateral or top ports (lateral ports plugged on standard units). When sensors are required, there are special slots in the barrel extrusion where 1580 series miniaturised sensors are easily fitted. 5.4