4 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Cable cylinders 13 15 General The cable cylinders work in a linear translation systems, they are very compact and can be used where a normal cylinder with a rigid rod is too cumbersome. The main characteristic of the cable cylinders is the absence of the rod which, in coming out of the end plate at the end of the stroke, doubles the total overall dimension of the cylinder. In the case of the cable cylinder, the rod is replaced by a metal rilsan-coated cable. It is connected to the piston and coming at the maximumpoint of stroke never exceeds the overall dimensions of the cylinder. The cable is connected to the bracket with clamps which serve also to regulate the tension. Because of the construction characteristics of this type of cylinder it must be used with much care. The cable is capable of supporting large stress due to heavy load and high speed. Unfortunately, we cannot give definitive limits of use if not in presence of masses of a few kilograms to be translated (7 - 10 for 16 and 20 - 25 for Ø 25) with speed inversely proportional to the entity of the same load (max 0,5m/sec). This is done in a way that the load always has amechanical stop at the end of the stroke. The magnetic piston version lengthens the overall dimensions by 50 mm; the 1200 series microcylinder sensors are used alongwith the clips of that series. Technical characteristics Max speed: 0.5 m/sec. Min. and max. temperature: -5°C - +70°C Fluid: filtered and lubricating air Max. pressure:6 bar Maintenance The cable is obviously the part most subject to breakage. The cylinder can be disassembled for replacement of the cable which is supplied already complete with threaded bushings to be screwed on to the piston. Once the wear of the barrel and seals has been checked, the cylinders can be reassembled by screwing on the end plates. Next, the ends of the cable are attached to the bracket by way of clamps and the tension regulated. The tension is correct when the cable is not cambered. Ordering code A 111 161 B 132 182 C 86 136 D 124 174 Bore 16 Bore 25 1601.Ø.stroke 1601.Ø.stroke.M Version with magnetic piston Standard Magnetic "Attention: Dry air must be used for application below 0°C” 26 35 Ø6 Ø5.5 37 19 17 73 G1/8 40 30 25 35 M6 Ø5.5 35 22.5 10.5 68 G1/8 29.5 30 A+stroke B+stroke C+stroke D+stroke Series 1600 End plates Barrel Piston Cable Cable covering Construction characteristics anodised black aluminium anodised aluminium aluminium steel Rilsan Piston seals Cable seal Bracket Cable clamps Pulleys NBR 80 Shore (at lip) PUR steel brass aluminium with ball bearing 4.172