4 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Series 1400 Hydraulic speed control cylinders Ø40 - Ø63 Functional schematics Outward Stroke Control 1400.Ø.stroke.01.2 1400.Ø.stroke.02.2 1400.Ø.stroke.03.2 1400.40.stroke.01.1 1400.Ø.stroke.01.04 1400.Ø.stroke.02.04 1400.Ø.stroke.03.04 1400.Ø.stroke.01.05 1400.Ø.stroke.02.05 1400.Ø.stroke.03.05 1400.Ø.stroke.01.06 1400.Ø.stroke.02.06 1400.Ø.stroke.03.06 Inward Stroke Control Inward & Outward Stroke Control Maintenance The speed control check is a closed system and there are no external factors that can adversely affect its function. Care however, has to be exercised not to allow the hydraulic fluid level to drop below the minimum indicated on the auxiliary tank. Should this occur, cavitation, or worse, an air pocket would result causing erratic control. Additional fluid should be put in exclusively through a unidirectional valve by means of an appropriate syringe (such as our code number 1400.99.01). Excess fluid will be expelled through a vent into an appropriate container. It is necessary to completely disassemble the regulator and be sure to bleed the system to eliminate air pockets. We suggest that you create a vacuum before beginning to refill. This can be done with a small unidirectional valve turned up and repeatedly loaded with a syringe. The rod must be manually actuated successively releasing air through the valve using a small and pointed instrument. 4.104