4 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Series 1390 - 1392 Cylinders according to standard ISO 15552 ECOLIGHT 4.64 Please follow the suggestions below to ensure a long life for these cylinders: •use clean and lubricated air •correct alignment during assembly with regard to the applied load so as to avoid radial components or bending the rod; •avoid high speeds together with long strokes and heavy loads: this would produce kinetic energy which the cylinder cannot absorb, especially if used as a limit stop (in this case use mechanical stop device and the aluminium piston); •evaluate the environmental characteristics of cylinder used (high temperature, hard atmosphere, dust, humidity etc.) VERSIONS WITH ADDITIONAL ROD SCRAPER Version with plastic rod scraper (Q) The pneumatic seal is manufactured using a special NBR seal material, with the rod scraper that comes in contact with the external environment made of a plastic material with a high wear resistance. The geometric shape with its excellent scraping capacity guarantees additional protection of the piston rod and nose seal against the impurities, liquids, water, and debris. Versionwithmetallic rod scraper (R) The pneumatic seal is manufactured using a special FPM seal material with its own scraping lip with the additional rod scraper that comes into contact with the external environment made of metal. This combination of scraping lip and metal rod scraper enable these actuators to be used in particularly extreme environments. Here are some examples: Aluminum foundries : To remove the residues of alumina or fluorine compounds that are deposited on the piston rod during the preparation phase of aluminumcasting. Automotive : To prevent debris which has collected on the piston rod damaging the nose seal during operation especially waste produced during the welding process. Industrial ovens : To eliminate cement powders or those produced during themanufacture of bricks/tiles Thanks to the high-performance nose seal and scraper protection of the piston rod, the cylinder will be protected against premature wear that you would normally experience using standard cylinders in these harsh environments. Low temperature version (L) : The special seals compound allows the use of the cylinders up to a temperature of -50°C. The rod scraper seal is equipped with a metallic scraper which removes ice crystals which might form at minus temperature Please note: air must be dry for applications with lower temperature. Use hydraulic oils H class (ISO VG32) for correct continued lubrication. Our Technical Department will be glad to help. Alesaggio Tolerance Stroke up to 500 over 500 up to 1250 up to 500 over 500 up to 1250 up to 500 over 500 up to 1250 +2 0 +3.2 0 +2.5 0 +4 0 +4 0 +5 0 32 - 40 - 50 63 - 80 - 100 125 - 160 - 200 Standard strokes (for all diameters) Stroke tolerance (ISO 15552) from 0 to 150, every 25 mm from 150 to 500, every 50 mm from 500 to 1000, every 100 mm