4 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Series 1319-1321 Cylinders according to standard ISO 15552 Basic version "01" Ordering code 1319.Ø.stroke.01 magnetic chromed rod 1320.Ø.stroke.01 magnetic stainless steel rod 1321.Ø.stroke.01 non magnetic chromed rod 13– –.Ø.stroke.01V FPM seals 13– –.Ø.stroke.01MA Front springs (Ø32-Ø125)* 13– –.Ø.stroke.01MP Rear springs (Ø32-Ø125)* Push/Pull version "02" Tandem push with a common rods “G” Tandem push with independent rods”F” 1319.Ø.stroke.02 magnetic chromed rod 1320.Ø.stroke.02 magnetic stainless steel rod 1321.Ø.stroke.02 non magnetic chromed rod 13– –.Ø.stroke.02V FPM seals Ordering code 1319.Ø.stroke.G magnetic chromed rod 1320.Ø.stroke.G magnetic stainless steel rod 1321.Ø.stroke.G non magnetic chromed rod Ordering code 1319.Ø.stroke.stroke1.F magnetic chromed rod 1320.Ø.stroke.stroke1.F magnetic stainless steel rod 1321.Ø.stroke.stroke1.F non magnetic chromed rod This is the configuration that represents the basic cylinder according to ISO-VDMA standards. It can be directly anchored on machine parts using the four thread on the end cover. For other applications see the following pages where different types of attachments are shown. Ordering code * Max. stroke 50 L8+stroke WH+stroke AM WH AM B MM KK B E TG L8+stroke KV KW VD EE PL PL SW BG VA TG RT E L2 AM VG WH G G AM WH L8+stroke VB L8+stroke AM WH L8+stroke VB L8+stroke 1 stroke 1 stroke 4.48