Series 1700 Size 4 Air Service Units 3.66 3 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. AirServiceUnits PressureSwitch completewith adapter AirServiceUnits ccessori s Serie1700 ize4_GB Ai -Accessories Intake AirServiceUnits ccessories Pressuregauge Pressure Switch complete with adapter Ordering code 17 t t TYPE 44A = Pressure switch adapter 14B = Pressure switch 44C = Pressure switch complete with adapter Example: 1744C Pressure switch complete with adapter. Connection Operational characteristic Technical characteristic - The pressure switch complete of adapter has to be assembled between two elements of the FRL group. - It cannot be utilized separately or at the end of the FRL group. - The pressure switch can be set at desired pressure (Pressure range (bar) from 2 to 10 bar) by rotating the adjusting screw. - The electrical connection is made by mean of a 15 mm connector DIN 43650 type C. - The microswitch contact could be Normally Closed or open (change over switch). Max working pressure (bar) 13 bar - 1,3 MPa Temperature °C 50°C Weight gr. 450 Microswitch capacity 1A Microswitch Maximum voltage 250 VAC Grade of protection (with connector assembled) IP 65 Pressure range (bar) 2 - 10 bar Assembly position Any Air Intake Ordering code 17440 Pressure gauge Ordering code 17070 v . s v VERSION A = Dial ø40 B = Dial ø50 s SCALE A = Scale 0-4 bar B = Scale 0-6 bar C = Scale 0-12 bar 20 136 Adjusting screw Pressure switch Adapter 80 Ø36 1HXWUDO 1 & FRQWDFW 1 2 FRQWDFW ',1 W\SH & &RQQHFWRU E G D C B A DIMENSIONS A 44 45 B 10 10 C 26 27 D 41 49 E 14 14 G 1/8” 1/8” Weight gr. 60 80 17070A 17070B CODE