Series 1700 Size 4 Air Service Units 3.58 3 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. AirServiceUnits Serie1700 ize4_GB AFlt r Filter Ordering code 17401B. s . t s FILTER PORE SIZE A = 5 μ B = 20 μ C = 50 μ t TYPE S = Automatic drain Example: 17401B.B Filter with G 1" connections and filter pore size 20 μ . Flow rate curves Operational characteristic Technical characteristic - Body made with light alloy. - Wall mounting possibility with M8 screws protected by covers. - Double filtering action: by air centrifuging and by replaceable and reusable HDPE porous filter element. - Light alloy bowl c/w level indicator connected to the body with bayonet cap and safety button. - Manual and semi-automatic water drain valve; in the semi-automatic version the drainage hap- pens when there is no pressure or by pushing the valve up-wards. - Automatic water drainage bowl available on request. Connections G 1" Max working pressure (bar) 13 bar - 1,3 MPa Minimum working pressure with automatic drain (bar) 0,5 Maximum working pressure with automatic drain (bar) 10 Temperature °C 50°C Weight gr. 1700 Filter pore size 5 μ - 20 μ - 50 μ Bowl capacity 178 cm³ Assembly position Vertical Wall fixing screw M8