Series 1700 Size 2 3.20 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. 3 Construction andworking characteristics Themodular air service units groups size 2, as the ones of size 1, allow a wide selection of combinations. The threaded connections are machined directly on the valve body made with light alloy, so that each components can be used individually. They can be wall mountedwith head-guard screwsmasked by covers. The bowls are made of transparent technopolymer, always supplied with shock resistant technopolymer protection, allowing the moisture and oil level control fromany angle. The filter can be equipped withmanual or semiautomatic water drain valve; furthermore it’s possible to install the automatic draining device inside the bowl. The pressure regulator handle is lockable in the desired position. The lubricator oil flow is adjustable with proper handle and it is visibly checked through the sight dome. The shut-off valve can be equippedwith pad-lock to prevent accidents or damages due to unauthorized operation. The progressive start-up valve, pneumatically or electropneumatically controlled, allows air supply to the circuit progressively and with adjustable time. Some accessories like the wall fixing bracket, pressure gauges with different scales and diameters, air intake block that assembled between the elements allows to get in the system filtered or filtered non-lubricated air, are completing the range. Instruction for installation and operation Pay attention to install a group or a single component with air flow direction according to the arrows and to the following sequence: filter, pressure regulator, lubricator and with bowls downwards. It’s possible to fix the group to the wall by removing the covers, which can be installed again for covering the screw after fixing. Do not exceed the recommended torque while assembling the connectors. Do not exceed the recommended air pressure and temperature limits. The moisture should not exceed the level marked on the bowl and it can be drawn off and carried away by a flexible tube of Ø 6/4 directly connected to the discharge valve handle. The pressure should be set fromminimum tomaximum, rotating the adjusting handle clockwise. As lubricant, we suggest to use oil class FD22 or HG32. Verify that the lubricator is not fed with a flow lower than the minimum operational. To set the oil flow rotate the proper adjusting handle in order to get one drop of oil every 300-600 liters of air. The oil flowwill be kept automatically and proportionally to the air flow. The oil can be refilled by mean of proper plug or directly into the bowl after having de-pressurized the system. Do not exceed the maximum level indicated on the bowl. For opening the shut-off valve push and rotate clockwise the operating handle. For closing it and consequently discharging the down stream line, rotate the handle counter-clockwise. Manutenzione Clean the bowls with water and detergent. Do not use alcohol. The filter element made with HPDE is reusable by blowing and cleaning it with proper detergent. For replacing or cleaning it, remove the bowl and unscrew the baffle spins. Replace the pressure regulator diaphragm whenever the operation is not correct or there is a continuous air leaking through the relieving (over pressure discharge); reinstall the adjustingmechanismsupport locking it with about 8 Nm torque. In case it is necessary to replace the lubricator transparent dome, tight it at 5 Nm torquemaximum. Assembling