Series 2700 Electro-Distributors ISO15407-2 2.181 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. 2 General The new 2700 Series of Solenoid operated valves conform to ISO 15407, a standard for both pneumatic and electrical layout. This series of valves have a 27mm valve body width and a nominal flow rate of 1000 NI/Min. The solenoid valves are mounted upon a modular sub-base with G1/4” pneumatic connections and built in electrical connection. Another feature of the 2700 series is that it can be equipped with the serial bus modules currently being used with our Optyma-T valve series, thus offering an extremely flexible product that can be integrated with standard communication protocols (CAN-Open ® , Profibus, Device-Net, Ethernet IP, Profinet and EtherCAT ® ). In addition to the serial bus modules, the valves manifolds can also be used with either a 25 or 37 pin SUB-D connectors offering control of up to a maximum of 32 electrical signals. "Shifting time of pneumatic directional control valves or moving parts, logic devices were measured in accordance to ISO 12238:2001, Pneumatic fluid power - Directional control valves - Measurement of shifting time" Main characteristics Integrated and optimized electrical connection system. IP65 protection degree. Only one 26mm size. Monostable and bistable solenoid valves with the same size dimensions. G1/4" quick coupling connections. Easy and fast manifold assembling. Construction characteristics Body Aluminium Operators Technopolymer Spools Aluminium Seals HNBR 75-80 Shore A Piston seals NBR Springs AISI 302 stainless steel Pistons Technopolymer Functions EV 5/2 MONOSTABLE SOLENOID-SPRING EV 5/2 MONOSTABLE SOLENOID-DIFFERENTIAL EV 5/2 BISTABLE SOLENOID-SOLENOID EV 5/3 CC SOLENOID-SOLENOID EV 2x3/2 NC-NC (= 5/3 CO) SOLENOID-SOLENOID EV 2x3/2 NO-NO (= 5/3 CP) SOLENOID-SOLENOID EV 2x3/2 NC-NO SOLENOID-SOLENOID Technical characteristics Voltage 24 VDC ±10% PNP Power Consumption 1 Watt - 2,3 Watt Valve working pressure [1] from vacuum to 10 bar max. Operating temperature -5°C +50°C Life (standard operating conditions) 50.000.000 Fluid Filtered air, with or without lubrication (if lubricated air, the lubrication must be continuous)