Valves and solenoid valves Poppet system 2/2-3/2 for compressed air and Vacuum - G1 1/2" Series N776 2.104 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. 2 General The N776 G1.1/2” series of valves and solenoid operated poppet valves is the result of the technical evolution of the 776 series. A rolling diaphragm construction has replaced the previously used piston design ensure lower frictions and longer life. Connection 3 is isolated via a dedicated seal which allow to have the N.O. version as well as the self feed for vacuum which was not available on the 776 series. The pilot valves are the M3R (CNOMO Stile) with bistable manual override. Coils are not included and have to be ordered separately (see 300 series, 22mm MB coils and 30mm CNOMO MC coils). Coils C RU US homologated are also available. (series 300). Construction characteristics Use and mainutenance These valves have a mean life of 10 to 15 million cycles under normal operating conditions. Lubrication is not required for good operation but we recommend good filtration to avoid dirty deposit causing malfunction. Check that the operating conditions: pressure, temperature and so on are as suggested. The exhaust port of the distributor has to be protected in a dusty and dirty environment. For these products, according to the construction technique and special application, is not required any maintenance with parts replacement. When necessary it is sufficient to clean the internal parts. When it is used the solenoid valves with internal pilot, either for air or vacuum, inlet flow rate must be equal or higher that the required consumption flow rate, otherwise is better choose the external pilot version. Body, operator and end cover: Die casting Aluminium Seals and poppets: NBR oil resistant rubber Piston: Aluminium (for Air) - Acetylic resin (for Vacuum) Pin guide: Nickel plated steel Spring: Steel Diaphragm: NBR oil resistant rubber Air valves port layout: Vacuum valves port layout: Normally Closed: 1=LINE IN Normally Closed internal Pilot Normally Open (servoassisted) external pilot 1=EXHAUST 2=CONSUMPTION 2=CONSUMPTION 3=EXHAUST 3=PUMP Normally Open: 1=EXHAUST Normally Open internal Pilot Normally Closed servoassisted) external pilot 1=PUMP 2=CONSUMPTION 2=CONSUMPTION 3=LINE IN 3=EXHAUST Minumum working pressure diagram for external pilot versions Normally Closed & Normally Open Piloting pressure (bar) Working pressure (bar) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 0,5 1 2 3 1,5 2,5