Series 888 2.53 2 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. General Competitively priced, good performance and versatility combined with a compact design are the main characteristics of this new series of valves. The aluminium valve body and spool/seal arrangement optimize both the flow rate and the valve switching time. This new series of valves are available with G1/8” and G1/4” ports in 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 versions. Monostable or bistable versions are available and include an integrated technopolymer solenoid operator with 9mm stem and built in manual override The valves can be supplied with or without the solenoid coil, however, if the solenoid coil is required please refer to the following table: Construction characteristics Body Operators Spools Seals Pistons Springs Aluminium Technopolymer Aluminium for spring bottom plates Aluminium NBR Technopolymer Spring steel Use and maintenance These valves have an average life of 15million cycles depending on the application and air quality, filtered and lubricated air using specified lubricants will dramatically reduce the wear of the seals and ensures long and trouble free operation. Please ensure that the valve is being used according with the manufacturers specification, such as air pressure and temperature and that exhaust ports 3 & 5 are protected against the possible ingress of dirt or debris. Repair kits including the spool complete with seals are available for overhauling the valves; however, although this is a simple operation it should be carried out by a competent person. Alternating current AC 50 Hz Voltage Code Voltages Alternating current AC 50 - 60 Hz Kit 100 pieces Connectors Ordering codes Voltages 12V (3,5W) 24V (3,5W) 24V (3,7W) 110V (3,7W) 230V (3,7W) Direct current DC MF4 MF5 MF56 MF57 MF58 F04 F05 F56 F57 F58 Coil Code 24V 110V 230V 888.11.01L-K 888.11.02L-K 888.11.03L-K DC/AC