1 Series 55 Function fittings Accessories / Connections 1.112 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Function fittings Accessories /Connections Serie55_GB_Accessories F -Ac essories /Connections Coupling kit(pins and f rks) Function fittings Accessories /Connections Fixingbrackets DIN rail adapter Function fittings Accessories /Connections Ø4 straigh cartridg 6 Function fittings Accessories /Connections Ø8 straigh cartridge 4banjoPL catridge Coupling kit (pins and forks) Ordering code 55160 Weight 2,5 gr. - The kit, which includes a series of pins and forks, enables to join together in a fast and safe way the function fittings. The pins, once inserted in the front holes, ensure resistance against forces applied perpendicularly and sideway (for example the insertion of the tube in the cartridges). The forks, once located in the profiled housing ensures that the parts are held together tightly. The kit allows for 5 function fittings to be mounted together. Fixing brackets DIN rail adapter Ordering code Ordering code 55150 Weight gr. 18 The kit comprises two fixing brackets and the screws 55116 Weight gr. 4 The kit comprises two adapters Ø4 straight cartridge Ø6 straight cartridge Ordering code Ordering code 551KD4 Weight 7,5 gr. 551KD6 Weight 7,3 gr. Ø8 straight cartridge Ø4 banjo PL cartridge Ordering code Ordering code 551KD8 Weight 7 gr. 551KG4 Weight 13,6 gr. with fixing brackets with DIN rail adapter 10 5 20 15 (15 x n° Postes) 30 2 24 20 10 18 18 5 Ø4,5 Ø4,5 15 (15 x n°Postes) 1.5 14 35.5 50.5 10 10 4.2 4.2 10,5 Ø9,5 Ø4 12,2 Ø11,5 Ø6 13 Ø13,5 Ø8 8 Ø14 17,6 Ø4 Ø9,5 21