1 Function fittings Tecno-FUN Series 55 1.99 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. General New compact line of different logic functions that can be used in any place of the secondary pneumatic circuit, developed to be installed directly onto themain pneumatic components (distributors or cylinders). Thanks to the modular design it is possible to easily join together multiple logic functions without the need of using pipes to connect them; it is also possible to choose the type and style of each connection. The connections available are the following: straight cartridge; B anjo PL cartridge; male cartridge threaded 1/8” or 1/4” and female cartridge threaded1/8”. Function fittings can also be assembled side by side in order to be assembled on the DINEN 50022 rail (using the relevant kit). Other characteristics: Technopolymer body Input/output connection directly integrated into the body In line or 90° connection Possibility to build amanifold -parallel mounting- Different connection options: TubeØ4 Ø6 Ø8 (elbow version as well) G 1/8” G 1/4” male straight cartridge G 1/8” female cartridge, in line or 90° Different mounting options: ! Wall fixing through the holes in the body ! B ymeans of the fixing bracket ! Panel mounting (for those function that include such possibility) ! On DIN rail EN 50022 (using the DIN rail adapter kit) Available functions: ! Flow control valve (FCV) ! pressure regulator (PR) ! block valve (B V) ! quick exhaust valve (QEV) ! OR gate (CSV-OR) ! AND gate (CSV-AND) ! pressure gauge (PI) ! pressure regulator + pressure gauge (PR+PI) ! block valve + Flow control valve (B V+FCV) ! block valve + quick exhaust valve (B V+QEV) Tecno FUN