1 Accessories M5 - G 1" Spry valvole Series 600 1.87 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. AccessoriesM5 -G1" Spry valvole ei 600_GB_Accessories A -Spry valvole Sp es Spry valves Ordering code 06.13.00 Supply air : Connection 1 Output (air and nebulized liquid) : Connection 2 Supply liquid : Connection 3 Liquid consumption diagram Pneumatics symbol Vacuum diagram Operational characteristics Technical characteristic - This valve, is based on the Venturi principle, and it is used to spray and nebulize a liquid. - Useful in all applications where is needed a continuous lubrication and / or refrigeration. - Incoming air (connection 1) sucks the liquid through the venturi principle (connection 3) to obtain a continuous spray output (connection 2). Fluid Filtered and lubricated air Liquid Water and oil (Liquid viscosity 3°E-5°E) Working pressure 3 - 10 bar Temperature °C -5 - +70 Weight 85gr. 2 M12x0.75 29 10 10 25 Ø5 V 3 1 30 13 M5 Es.15 6.5 21 57.5 M5 Volume of aspirated fluid in function of pressure power with the adjuster screw "V" totally open ml/min Pressure (bar) 2 1 3 Volume of vacuum generated in function of supply pressure bar Inlet pressure (bar)