5 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. 270° 180° 90° α α α Connection 2 Connection 1 Connection 2 Connection 1 Connection 2 Connection 1 AVAILABLE SENSORS Phase 1 - Unfasten screw Phase 2 - Assemble the switch into the dedicated housing and lock with screw Phase 3 - Rotate block in the desired position (see following image) C B B A D α - magnet rotating angle (that corresponds to the shaft key flat rotating angle) For correct functionality position the switch within angle α Phase 4 - tighten screw Phase 5 - repeat the following phases for the second switch A Series 6420 Vane type rotary actuators Switch positioning instructions Ø50 - Ø100 5.64 Locking screw block A Block B Sensor C Switch fixing screw D Code 1583.DC 1583.HAP THR.P