Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice Rodless cylinders 3 | 207 Series 1605 - Ø16 3 Pneumatic actuation General Series 1600, Mechanically coupled cylinders Ø16 Mechanically coupled cylinder based on the stainless steel strip sealing technology widely used and tested on bigger bore sizes. Available versions: sliding shoe as standard ("MH"). This system ensures high resistance and long life as the carriage which supports the weight is not tied to the piston and therefore the piston only transfers the movement without bearing any force. Air connections: M5 threaded connections. All air connections on one end cap version available. (side-back-bottom side) Mountings: - Foot brackets and intermediate supports if needed (depending on the stroke) - Swivel bracket - Directly in position via the slot on the end caps- in this conditions the air supply can come directly from the mounting plate. Magnetic sensors: sensors series (1590.... , LRS.... and LHS....) can be used directly in the 2 slots on the barrel. Please follow the suggestions below to ensure a long life for these cylinders: •use clean and lubricated air •Please adequately evaluate the load involved and its direction, especially in respect to the moving carriage (also see tables for loads and admitted moments). •avoid high speeds together with long strokes and heavy loads: this would produce kinetic energy which the cylinder cannot absorb, especially if used as a limit stop (in this case use mechanical stop device) •evaluate the environmental characteristics of cylinder used (high temperature, hard atmosphere, dust, humidity etc.) Please note: air must be dried for applications with lower temperature. Use hydraulic oils H class (ISO VG32) for correct continued lubrication. Our Technical Department will be glad to help. Use and maintenance This type of cylinder, due to its characteristics, has to be used within certain criteria. Correct use will give long and troublefree operation. Filtered and lubricated compressed air reduce seal wear. Verify that the load will not produce unforeseen stresses. Never combine high speed with heavy load. Always support the long stroke cylinder with intermediate brackets and never exceed the specified working conditions. If maintenance is required, follow the instructions supplied with the repair kit. For applications where a low smooth uniform operations speed is required, you must specify this on your purchase order so that we can use the proper special grease. Anodised aluminium Anodised aluminium Stainless steel Anodised aluminium Special technopolymer Acetal resin Aluminium Special NBR NBR End cap Barrel Bands External carriage Sliding bushes Piston Cushion bearings Piston seals Other seals Construction characteristics Technical characteristics Fluid Working pressure Working temperature Max. speed Max. stroke Cushioning length Filtered air. No lubrication needed, if applied it shall be continuous. 1,5 - 8 bar -5°C - +70°C 1 m/s (normal working conditions) 2,5 meters 18 mm