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Pneumax reserves the right to modify the dimensions or technical characteristics of any of its products

contained within this catalogue without prior notice.

The products included in this catalogue should only be used in applications for which they were originally

intended and should only be used by personnel with adequate technical knowledge, PLEASE NOTE: That

the misuse of this product could cause serious injury.

The user should ensure that the product is installed and operated within the operating characteristics shown

and that this complies with any health and safety requirements, however should you require any further

information please do not hesitate to contact our Technical office.

Pneumax S.p.A.

accepts no liability for damage or injury arising from the error, misuse or omission in the data


Pneumax S.p.A.

accepts no liability from third parties in the form of consequential losses.

It is the responsibility and duty of the client/user to ensure that all operating requirements are carried out and

that the products are used safely.

The application is always the responsibility of the client/user.