Technical innovation, rational design, high performance and extremely compact size: these are the main features the ENOVA® series brings to the market. The ENOVA® series is the latest in a string of achievements made by the Pneumax Spa R&D Department in the last few years. The ENOVA® series has been developed with the latest market requirements from recent years in mind. Each valve comprises all the necessary pneumatic and electrical functions needed to produce a solenoid valve assembly. There are no limits to the configuration of the solenoid valve island, as full priority has been given to the end user’s needs; the addition or removal of modules is a simple operation that can be swiftly and easily achieved. The management of the electrical signals through the valves is optimized through a patented dedicated connector in each valve. Electrical connections are made via a twenty-five pin connector, which is capable of controlling up to twenty-two solenoids. Electrical and pneumatic connections are located on the same module at one end of the assembly. Serial bus nodes compatible with most common protocols are easily integrated. Most widely used and known communication protocols, such as Profibus, Can-Open, Device-Net and AS-Interface can be directly integrated with the valve manifold by simply plugging the necessary module onto the electrical connection, maintaining IP65 environmental protection. All electrical and pneumatic connections are positioned on one face of the assembly, simplifying system design, installation and commission. The management of inputs has also been foreseen, and can be achieved by adding one or more expansion modules directly to the serial module.

The 2300 series is certified by UL in compliance with both Canadian and USA safety requirements as recognized component and included in the UL file MH49479.

The manifolds assembled and tested by Pneumax are UL certified and bear the “UL Recognized Component” marking.

Optyma-S manifolds, since they are devices for “class 2 circuits”, according with UL standard UL 429/CSA C22.2 N°139, are not considered dangerous for electric shock or fire and thus a UL certification is not required for cables and connectors.

2300 Series ENOVA

ENOVA bus modules 

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