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With “DIDACTIC” program, Pneumax intends to realize a complete package of modules, that can be assembled on a simulating bench.
DIDACTIC” program is intended to schools and technical institutes and its purpose is to realize pneumatic and electropneumatic circuits (already designed and verified). The modules, that can be hooked to the bench in a safe and practical way, simulate the most important functions in pneumatic circuits, 5/2 bistable and monostable valves, 3/2 lever-roller for end stroke, 5/2 electrodistributors with one or two solenoids. Etc..
Each module is equipped with its own fittings fitted for tube diameter 4. It’s possible also to connect each module to the others according to all kind of schema. Other modules are available as relay box with exchange contacts, push button panel with N.C. (Normally Closed) and N.O. (Normally Open) contacts for the realisation of sequences with the electropneumatic technique.
Moreover the program offers also modules equipped with PLC and solenoid valves manifolds managed with multipoint connection and electronic proportional pressure regulator managed by its three-button keyboard.

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