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Pneufluid (Release 1.2) - Fast pneumatics schemes


Pneufluid is an intuitive drawing's program of pneumatics schemes with a complete symbols library and an integrated article's database of the Pneumax catalog.

See the Pneufluid Depliant

Pneufluid is now available free to all users!

When the software is started a pop up window require to fill the licence code.
It possible to use Pneufluid immediately, closing that window and ignoring the starting pop up.

Download the Pneufluid 1.2 release!

The license code procedure will be available soon.

You will also be able to access the technical support forum.

For any any kind of information about Pneufluid, please contact the techical support or, alternatively, contact the distributor nearby your area.

Registered office:
Via Archimede, 57
20129 MILANO (MI) Italy

Administrative headquarter:
Via Cascina Barbellina 10
24050 LURANO (BG) Italy

Tel. 035/4192777
Fax 035/4192740-4192741