Research & Innovation

The company’s structure, have all the resources to complete fully autonomous in all phases of research and development of new products, whether they are intended for a wider range of production, whether they are products intended for specific applications for specific clients or applications.


The project is the first step to developing a new product. The project team is in charge of the product development with the cooperation of the Technical department who supply any data required

The research and development team use a three axis printing/moulding machine; this enables a prototype to be produced very quickly.

The research and development team also deal with any electronic components required; they are now in charge of the whole project which is kept confidential.

The Mechanical department use the latest generation machinery to manufacture a small quantity of products.

The Engineering department investigate and adopt the most suitable way to produce the product taking into consideration the products characteristics.

The industrialisation team together with the Technical department develop the equipment required to assemble and test the product.

The production department is instructed on how to assemble the product with a high level of flexibility and product handling.

The finished product is a result of the cooperation between the different internal departments. Our mission is to ensure that we can produce every product with its own characteristics.

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