Experience, competence and passion

We strongly believe that, in this historic moment of technological and digital advancement, it is fundamental that we affirm the position of Man at the forefront of it all. Our future rests on the solid foundation of over forty years of experience. Even though many things have changed over the years, many have remained unchanged: the passion for our work and the knowledge that behind every product there are the thoughts, actions and objectives of Man.



Technology and innovation are the strongholds of our industry. As is the wellbeing of our people, both inside and outside the walls of the company. Our workplace is an environment where they find satisfaction both for the individual and everybody as a whole. The Italian heart makes us creative and passionate about finding solutions to exactly match our customers’ needs


Our expertise in product innovation comes from the processes and technologies used to manufacture them and from the people’s competence and inventiveness. The hyperdigital and interactive scenarios that await us all, call us to strengthen the role of sharing knowledge and human feeling. Every player, both inside and outside, represents the engine of the company and determines its success.

Pneumax S.p.a. - Società unipersonale soggetta a direzione e coordinamento di Pneumax Holding SpA
CAPITALE SOCIALE € 2.700.000 i.v. - COD. FISC. e P.IVA 02893330163
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