The Headquarters of Pneumax are in Lurano, in the province of Bergamo: a place where industry and farming are welcomed equally. For this place we express gratitude because it has become the lively theatre of our company life. The moral responsibility that we have with regards to the area in which we have spread our roots and which represents a vital source, sees us committed to safeguarding its development, occupation, environment and cultural initiatives. This mutual synergy strengthens us both..


Pneumax Spa is one of the most significant manufacturers of components for Pneumatic automation, with a wide variety of products designed to meet the needs of many different industry sectors, offering versatility, reliability and the opportunity to optimise costs and service.

Passion, foresight and flexibility: since 1976, the year of our foundation, PNEUMAX S.p.A has achieved a leading position at world level in the field of components for pneumatic automation, presenting ourselves as a solid group with commercial and production companies located in the principal national and international markets.

However, during the development of the International enterprise we have never forgotten that the Italian market remains the most important. A dynamic and vivacious company, constantly in search of openings and opportunities to spread the word and champion “Made in Italy” across the world. A job for which we have endless desire and in which we invest our best efforts and resources.

The Lurano Headquarters are the productive heart with an area covering 40,500 m2 to accommodate a fleet of CNC machines and an assembly line which guarantees extremely flexible production: The combination of cutting-edge technology supported by extensive know-how drawn from a wealth of skills and experience. Incorporating a company philosophy which guides every strategic and operational activity for short, medium and long term objectives. Personnel, managerial and organisational development. Three closely connected ambitions which lead to the realisation of the best innovations, promote the natural evolution of the company in line with the expectations of the market, keeping the needs of the client at the centre of everything.

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