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Exhibitions & Events

SEPEM industries EST

 Colmar - France
from 31 May to 02 June 2016

MSV 2016

Brno - Czech Republic
from 03 to 07 October 2016

Cibus Tec 2016

 Parma - Italy
from 25 to 28 October 2016

Foodtech 2016

 Herning - Denmark
from 1 to 3 November 2016

Valve World Expo 2016

 Düsseldorf - Germany
from 29 November to 1 Dicember 2016


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Valves & Air service units 'Steel line' Series

The new Stainless Steel air treatment series were created and developed specifically for the oil and gas industry as well as applications requiring improved resistance to corrosion due to ...

'Steel line' Microcylinders and cylinders

The new 12X stainless steel ISO 6432 cylinders Series are designed for corrosion resistance application such as marine, pharmaceutical and food ambiences.

Rodless cylinder Ø16

Rodless cylinder based on the stainless steel strip sealing technology widely used and tested on bigger bore sizes.

Vane type rotary actuators

The new 6420 vane style rotary cylinder series is designed to operate at 90-180 or 270 deg. In a contained space. Dimensionally are more compact than other types of rotary actuators.

Air treatment units, AIRPLUS series, Size 4

To  complete the AIRPLUS series range, it is now available the Size 4, with G1" connections ...

Electrodistributors, ISO 15407-2

The new 2700 Series of Solenoid operated valves conform to ISO 15407, a standard for both pneumatic and electrical layout ...

Electrodistributors & Distributors ISO 5599/1 - M12

To Increase the range of ISO 5599/1 Solenoid valves, we have added the new ISO-M12 connector series. These are available in three sizes, size 1, size 2 and size 3.

Valves and solenoid operated poppet valves

The N776 G1.1/2” series of valves and solenoid operated poppet valves is the result of the technical evolution of the 776 series.

Regulators and Filter-pressure regulators AIRPLUS series

Pressure regulators and Filter-pressure regulators, AIRPLUS series, with pressure switch integrated. Available now the 2D/3D CAD libraries.

Pad valves

Pad valves,are a reliable and economic solution to control fluid.

ECO 22 Valves

Competitively priced, good performance and versatility combined with a compact design are the main characteristics of this new series of valves, now completes with the Serial System and the 2D/3D library.

Pneumax for Packaging

The Packaging industry requires high-quality products, complying with the most modern standards of performance and easy integration with other cutting-edge technologies. PNEUMAX products dedicated to this sector meet the above requirements...

Pressure booster P+ Series

It is availble the new "Pressure booster P+ Series". You can download the "News 61" in electronic format.

Cylinder and Manipulation

The new ‘Cylinder and Manipulation’ catalogue is now available and has been compiled following numerous requests. This is a short form version of chapters 4, 5 and 6 from the General Catalogue

Pneufluid (Release 1.2) - Fast pneumatics schemes

Pneufluid version 1.2, is an intuitive drawing's program of pneumatic schemes with a complete symbols library and an integrated article's database of the Pneumax catalogue.



Components for pneumatic automation

It is a must to promptly react to market demand with needed products and innovative components able to solve old and new problems.

Since 1976 PNEUMAX Spa has become one of the most significant manufacturers of components for Pneumatic automation, with a wide variety of products designed to meet the needs of many different industry sectors, offering versatility, reliability and the opportunity to optimise costs and service.

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